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Your Money

Digitize your change at the checkout, and turn cents into dollars over time.

Designed for Cash Payments

Manage Your Cash Purchases

Use SwiftChange to track your cash spending trail and stay up to date on all of your purchases.

Collect Change Electronically

Hate dealing with coins? Receive change electronically and increase your balance over time.

Savings Made Easy

Set a savings goal and work towards something substantial. Use SwiftChange to track, manage and simplify your spending.

Security You Can Trust

SwiftChange leverages Dwolla's powerful payments platform to provide seamless fund transfers for our customers, while reducing the headaches associated with fraud, exposure of sensitive financial data, and complications of using third-party processors.

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Early Access + Launch Giveaway

Available Early 2018

We are giving San Diego residents exclusive early access to the SwiftChange app and an entry into our Launch Giveaway where one lucky winner will take home $500 cash!!

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